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July 24, 2006 (Dublin, Ohio) Together with the precision of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Tiger Woods produced a masterpiece about the Royal Liverpool golfing system Sunday and laid squander to the rest of the industry.

Whilst Chris DiMarco performed remarkably to complete second just two strokes off the paste, The end result was in no way unsure as Woods strike consistent shot soon after shot for eighteen holes.

Time and time all over again After i have the chance to Enjoy a spherical of gold, it amazes me how many weekend golfers 사설사이트 still get to for the driver which they may have no Regulate around then wonder why they shoot around a hundred. It was an psychological day for Woods as he was coming off a sub-par US Open up https://en.search.wordpress.com/?src=organic&q=토토사이트 and planned to get better in a big way.


As described in the connected posting, his father was sitting on his shoulder For each and every shot and Woods followed his fathers guidance towards the tee. Control your thoughts and give attention to being in The instant and anything else will deal with by itself!